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PSD to HTML Coding, WordPress Development, eCommerce Solutions & User Experience Programming

Web development is a complex industry that is constantly changing. As new open-source technologies emerge and reach the point of maturity, new opportunities arise for the professional web developer. Staying ahead of the game and becoming accustomed to new platforms and frameworks is vital.

On the other hand, in order to maximize the value delivered to the client a web developer must focus his efforts on a narrow band of technologies, the ones he perceives as fundamental and universal for the vast majority of web applications.

The following listing of services is a reflection of my expertise in the areas most commonly involved in a web development project.

Design Slicing and Coding

I provide pixel-perfect hand coding of PSD site designs to W3C valid XHTML / CSS.

What does this mean?

It means you are a website designer or a client who needs a website design converted to a functional website, in other words: ‘coded’. The coded site will match the PSD design perfectly. But most importantly, it means the code you’ll get back is guaranteed to be compliant to W3C’s standards and highly semantic (see POSH practices and principles) and thus optimized for search engine indexing.

User friendliness is the most important factor in web interface design. To prevent usability related problems I make sure your coded design is tested thoroughly across all major browsers.

Content Management System Integration

What defines the perfect Content Management System? I’ll give you a simple answer to this apparently hard question: the perfect CMS grants the user total and full control over his website, allows for easy addition of functionality, addresses security and spam protection concerns and all this while giving the client a good running start on SEO.

Following these requirements, I made the choice of developing fully functional CMSs using WordPress and I’m very proud of it. The platform’s increasing popularity gave birth to one of the greatest developer communities on the web.

Leveraging their results I’ve managed to assemble a code base that allows me to tailor websites to meet any project requirements in record time. My expertize includes:

  • Event Calendars
  • Photo Galleries
  • Advanced Forms and 3rd Party APIs (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc.)
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Rich Media Websites
  • Multilingual Websites

Each and every theme I develop comes with a custom control panel to further enhance flexibility and add value to your web application.

eCommerce Solutions

Being in the web development business in 2008 (and before) allowed me to witness the revolution which hit the open-source eCommerce world like a hurricane. I’m talking of course about the advent of Magento. Today, with its extensive feature list, Magento is by far the best eCommerce platform available.

I provide installation, configuration, customization and theme development services for Magento. I also specialize in the development of add-on modules for this platform, including custom Payment Gateway integration.

For smaller eCommerce projects I offer a solution based on WordPress and a dedicated eCommerce plugin called Shopp. The built-in features and template system allow for a quick development cycle while maintaining a relatively rich eCommerce functionality.

User Experience Programming

Javascript frameworks have reached a maturity level allowing web developers to greatly enhance the user experience of a website, without employing proprietary technology like Flash.

I had no hesitation in deciding to learn jQuery, the leading choice of web developers as a JavaScript and Ajax framework. The self-entitled “do more, write less” framework allows the enhancement of user experience in two phases:

To begin with, there’s the visual effects side and there are truly endless possibilities: rotating image banners, fancy photo galleries, sliding menus, page pre-loaders and the embedding of custom fonts are just a few examples.

Finally, there’s AJAX – an asynchronous technique which allows a web application to request only relevant data from the server when a user interacts with it. It’s a win-win technology, allowing bandwidth optimization on the server side, and a great perceived speed increase on the user side.

Go check out my portfolio. It’s AJAX powered.