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WordPress hooks: user_register

Meta data: posted by Rares on 21 April 2011. Categories: Articles, Hooks, WordPress. 9 comments.

I’m gonna keep things short in this article and show you how you can automatically alter WordPress user data after registration.

Use Case: Changing the user’s Display Name

One of WordPress’ present shortcomings is the lack of a configuration option to specify a default display name format for your users. The last sentence was long, so let me give you an example.

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Send out custom Tweets from WordPress using Twitter Tools

Meta data: posted by Rares on 13 April 2011. Categories: Articles, Twitter, WordPress. 6 comments.

In this post I will explain how you can send out custom tweets from WordPress. For this purpose, we will configure and use the functionality present in the WordPress Twitter Tools plug-in.

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Add a class to wp_nav_menu() items with URLs included in the current URL

Meta data: posted by Rares on 23 November 2010. Categories: Articles, User Interface, WordPress. 24 comments.

The Problem

We’re all enjoying the benefits and features of WordPress 3.0. Custom menus are awesome and custom post types shatter all capability and imagination limits. A small problem arises when these two features are used in conjunction: the classes applied to navigation menu items only reflect direct inheritance, and entities that have their URLs included in the current URL can’t get highlighted.

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WordPress Default Settings

Meta data: posted by Rares on 4 February 2010. Categories: Articles, WordPress. No comments.

Default WordPress Configuration Settings

Do you often find yourself changing the default WordPress settings after a fresh install? Not anymore.

WPEngineer has a great article promoting a very simple but ultra-effective plugin.

The plugin was written by Thomas Scholz and addresses the problem of always having to do the same adjustments after a clean WordPress install.

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Link separator for wp_list_pages()

Meta data: posted by Rares on 3 February 2010. Categories: Articles, WordPress. 16 comments.

The Problem

A common problem with the WordPress built-in function for page navigation is the lack of anchor text separator support.

In version 2.7 two more arguments for wp_list_pages() were added to mitigate this inconvenience: link_before and link_after. When using these, the function prepends or appends the specified strings to the generated anchor text. This works well for styling vertical menus.

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