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Let me tell you a little about myself

Long story made short: freelance web developer who loves WordPress; writes clean, semantic and standards compliant code & implements user interfaces with jQuery

I’m Rares, a twenty-something web developer from Romania. My office is located in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, heart of the historical province of Transylvania.

If you download my CV you’ll see that I’ve been active in more than a few domains. From national prizes at the chemistry Olympiads to international recognition for my research work in telecommunications, this diverse scientific and technical journey has helped me gain perspective and become a very fast learner.

My main development focus is on Photoshop to valid XHTML/CSS coding, Content Management System integration, professional eCommerce solutions and User Experience programming. I’m a result oriented developer and that makes me a big fan of well-documented, community-supported, open-source and standard-based technologies.

Over the 4 years of web development experience I’ve become familiar with the top PHP platforms: WordPress, Drupal and Magento. Recently, I’ve become a supporter of the “Wordpress Everything” philosophy, as I focused my interest and tried to adapt and extend this fabulous platform to various project requirements.

I am the sole author and operator of this website which has two fundamental goals:

  • It is a showcase of my portfolio projects. For each project you can read a short description, see my contribution to the project or check out a list of its main features.
  • It is an archive of web development related articles. In a field as dynamic and ever-expanding as web development, staying ahead of the tech curve is absolutely crucial to meeting the clients’ needs.

I’m available for freelance and collaboration work. I’m especially interested in establishing business relationships with designers or companies who are willing to offload their coding requirements to a fast-paced, reliable and communicative coder.

If you feel I would be a good fit for your project or business, please e-mail me at “hello [at]”, or use the contact forms.

You should follow me on Twitter here.

I also run a blog on Tumblr where I archive all sorts of materials unrelated to web development.