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IE6 Memorabilia

Meta data: posted by Rares on 14 April 2010. Categories: Articles, Browsers. 1 comment.

In terms of standards-compliance and feature support, nothing causes more pain to a developer than Internet Explorer 6.

It caused hours of painful debugging to get the same look and feel for a website. It put brilliant minds at work to devise hacks and workarounds to make it more standards-compliant. It killed millions of web developer neurons just because a small percentage of people (including, maybe, your client’s peers) have refused to upgrade.

There used to be a time when on any given day you’d hear someone in the office say: “Oh man, I wish IE6 was dead already!” But after the outrage settled, the person responsible would sit down and respect the accessibility code by continuing the mind-numbing debugging process. The day IE6 died was a concept similar to the “light at the end of the tunnel” – a recognized reality situated somewhere in the future at a psychologically infinite distance.

But the future is promising. Things are definitely steering in the right direction with Google and Amazon joining the ‘kill-IE6’ army last month. Some have even gone so far as proclaiming the browser dead and organized an obituary and wake in its painful memory. I must say I sympathize with these people from all my heart as I proudly join them and refuse the total waste of resources called ‘developing for IE6’.

As far as I’m concerned IE6 is dead.

That’s why I’ll finally get to the point of this post: a small compilation of IE6-related memorabilia.

1. What God does to kitten when you use IE6

IE6, God and kittens

Original source: António Farinha

2. What retarded PNG support and CSS compliance does to fragile developers

Hugs for Monsters 1

Hugs for Monsters 2

Original source: Laughing Squid

3. A friendlier way of disposing IE6 users

Browser Playground

Original source: John Martz

4. IE6 Standards compliance demonstrated on a human model

IE6 Standards compliance

Original source: Atzu

5. The life, times and death of IE6

IE6 Comic StripIE6 Comic Strip 2IE6 Comic Strip 3IE6 Comic Strip 4

Original source: Smashing Magazine

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Edit: @markkolich suggested adding a link to the crash IE6 jQuery plugin.